Taylor Foster was born in Rowlett, Texas on June 19, 1996. She was raised in the small unincorporated community of Westminster, 50 miles northeast of Dallas. There, she lived 18 years on 13 acres of property with her mother, Cynthia , her father, Mike , and her brother, Matthew .


When she was three years old, she began tap and ballet training in the neighboring town, Anna. After showing dedication and love to the art, her parents began to take her into the city of McKinney to continue her dance training. She trained under Tracy Foster at Studio 511 until 2006. She went from the classroom to the stage early on, and began performing in competitions, dance theatres, and ballets around the state.


By the time she was at Taylor Dance Center, training under Susan Taylor and Carla Mullendore, she had won numerous awards for her competitive dance solos, as well as joined their performance team. She also began landing roles in ballets, performing many roles in The Nutcracker and other shows, such as Dopey in Snow White, Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty, and Swanhilda’s friend in Coppelia.


In 2011, Taylor decided to take her dance talents to a whole new arena – a hip hop crew. When she was 15, she followed Carla Mullendore to a studio in Farmers Branch and joined Cindy Capener’s hip hop crew, House of Funk. There, Taylor traded competitions and ballets for dance theatre performances and ‘gigs.’


Simultaneously, Taylor had begun to notice her comfort on the stage didn’t exclude the spoken word. She had joined theatre in school, and began performing one acts and musicals. In 2010 she attended a traveling convention called ProScouts in Dallas, TX. There, she met acting coach, Chambers Stevens, who invited her to come train in LA during the summers. Chambers helped Taylor take her talents from stage to screen, and she began traveling back and forth between Dallas and Los Angeles, accepting any opportunities or classes.


By 2012, Taylor had dropped the hip hop crew, and began teaching dance with Carla Mullendore at her new studio, Dancer Strong, in McKinney. Here Taylor competed solos once more under the Dancer Strong name, but continued to pursue her acting career. In the spring, she signed with a Dallas based talent agency, The Horne Agency, and began to book small roles in local music videos and commercials.


In 2013, Taylor left Anna High School and joined a dual-enrollment program at Collin College. In the fall, she booked the lead in her first feature film, Saving Sloane, originally called Finding Glory. She continued her education while she filmed, and spent long nights in Weatherford, TX playing as Sloan Emerson. She learned to ride a horse, how to hit her mark, and learned exactly what ‘craft services’ meant.


In 2014, Taylor continued to get her Associates of the Arts. After completing her basics, she joined the theatre program at Collin College for one semester, and performed in Arthur Miller’s A View from the Bridge, directed by Brad Baker. She trained under Baker for Musical Theatre, Gail Cronauer for Acting for Film, and Courtney Mulcahy for ballet.


After completion of her AA degree, Taylor planned to move in with best friend Kylie Mize and continue growing her resume in Dallas before moving to Los Angeles. However, in the fall of 2014, Taylor lost her best friend, Kylie, in a car accident. In January of 2015, at the age 18, Taylor moved to Los Angeles.


Taylor began auditioning for film/TV while being Chambers Stevens personal assistant. She joined every casting website she could, and went out for auditions as often as she was allowed. In her first year, she booked projects that included the feature film, The Time is Right, a local commercial for the LA County Fair, and a startup project RainBro, directed by Ryan Kaplan.


In 2016, Taylor signed with her first LA based talent agency, D.D.O. Under Anthony Boyer, she booked her debut gig as Becca in season 1 of Netflix’s Dear White People. Soon after her first episode, Taylor became a proud SAG-AFTRA affiliated actress.


While pursuing her true love of acting, Taylor also entertained her first love - dance. She continued training at local Los Angeles dance studios such as the EDGE and Millennium. More specifically, Taylor focused on her favorite dance form, tap. She trained under Angela Carter, Gregg Russell, and Ryan Lohoff. In 2017, Taylor joined Lohoff’s tap company, Rithem Dance Co. They created tap videos, as well as performed in Vegas for the Hollywood Vibe nationals. In the fall, she also booked a music video. She can be seen as a background dancer in Neon Trees, Feels Good video, directed by Roxanna.


While attending the Teen Choice Awards in 2017 with best friends Nik Whittemore and Lili Reinhart, Taylor met her talent manager, Kimberly Jago. Jago also represents Reinhart’s co-star, Ashley Murray. Jago gave Taylor her contact information, and by spring 2018, the two signed an agreement.


In fall 2018, Taylor attended her first Hollywood premier for Severed Road, directed and written by Benjamin Brown. Severed Road is Taylor’s first SAG feature in which she was cast. They filmed a couple days in Burbank, CA, but a majority of production was on location in Big Bear National Park. Severed Road premiered at the Egyptian Theater on Hollywood Blv. In November of 2018. (Distribution coming soon)


Shortly after leaving D.D.O., Taylor signed with Firestarter Talent, under Kara Solcum, Rachel Tolliver, and Nicole Dernersesian. She worked across Rudy Mancuso in the fall of 2019 on his Facebook Watch show, Tempo, and  in January  of 2020, Taylor premiered in a co-star role on the hit show, Criminal Minds, in their final season. 


Currently, Taylor waits patiently as her role in the feature film Unhindged, directed by Atul Shwarma, is in post-production. It is her first role as a wife. 


She is still signed under Kimberly Jago, and Firestarter Entertainment for TV/Film.