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Taylor Foster was born on June 19, 1996 in Texas. She spent her formative years on a sprawling 13-acre property in the serene unincorporated community of Westminster, located about 50 miles northeast of Dallas. Taylor's family includes her mother, Cynthia, her father, Mike, and her brother, Matthew.


At the young age of three, Taylor embarked on her artistic journey by joining a local tap and ballet class near her hometown. Her innate passion for the stage led her parents to enroll her in a more extensive dance training program at Studio 511 under the guidance of Tracy Foster in McKinney, TX, from 2000 to 2006. Taylor swiftly transitioned from the classroom to performing on stage, participating in competitions, dance shows, and ballets across the metropolitan area.

In 2006, Taylor's passion for dance led her to Taylor Dance Center, where she trained under Susan Taylor and Carla Mullendore. Her tap solos distinguished her within the competitive dance team, often earning her awards and recognition. Additionally, she secured prominent roles in the company’s ballets, including Dopey in Snow White, Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty, and Swanhilda's friend in Coppelia.

In 2012, she began sharing her expertise by teaching multiple levels of ballet, jazz, and tap at Dancer Strong, a studio in McKinney, under Carla Mullendore's guidance


Taylor's artistic aptitude extended beyond dance as she discovered a comfort with spoken word and storytelling. She ventured into theater during middle school and joined the Youth Acting Group (Y.A.G.) in McKinney. As a young performer, Taylor graced the stage in plays and musicals, showcasing her versatility with notable roles like the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland and The Cat in the Hat in Seussical The Musical.

In 2010, Taylor's path converged with acting coach Chambers Stevens at the ProScouts convention in Dallas. Impressed by her potential, Stevens invited her to his Los Angeles-based acting studio for summer training. This marked the beginning of Taylor's journey from stage to screen, commuting between Dallas and Los Angeles for classes and opportunities.


Springboarding from local music videos and commercials, Taylor's trajectory shifted towards screen acting. Simultaneously, she pursued higher education, enrolling at Collin College after leaving Anna High School in 2013. Taylor's commitment to acting led her to her first lead role in the feature film "Saving Sloane" (formerly "Finding Glory") in 2013. She balanced her online education with on-set experiences, solidifying her passion for the craft.


Taylor's transition to the West Coast occurred in 2015 when she moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting opportunities. At just 18 years old, Taylor made her mark in Hollywood, auditioning extensively and securing roles in projects like Criminal Minds and a Los Angeles Country Fair Commercial. This period also witnessed her commitment to her first love, dance, with dedicated training at prominent studios like EDGE Performing Arts Center and Millennium Dance Complex, with emphasis on tap.


Taylor's journey in Los Angeles led her to significant achievements, including her role as Becca in Netflix's "Dear White People" earning her affiliation with SAG-AFTRA. She garnered attention for her performances and ultimately connected with talent manager Kimberly Jago, further expanding her opportunities. Notably, in 2022, Taylor was cast as the title character, Tara, in the Lifetime movie "Sister with a Secret.”

Presently, Taylor's talent continues to shine in the Tubi original horror comedy film "The Final Rose," where she portrays Abigail, a devoted reality show fan.  Most recently, she can be seen as Cassie, a lead role in the feature film “Hypnotica.” She remains under the representation of Kimberly Jago and Firestarter Entertainment for TV and film ventures.

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